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looking for area experts in project and contact mgmt to manage GCVS development
  • Hello All. I'm a software developer currently working at factorefarm for the length of the production run. I'm also working with Marcin part time to come up with a better way to manage the GCVS development.

    As we all know, the wiki is overstressed. 

    Wikis can serve well as a living reference/documentation resource, but they are ill-suited for project and contact management.  We need to adopt one or more existing web applications for these purposes, with perhaps some custom lightweight scripts to glue the components together. 

    These web apps would likely be lean (not try to do everything), modular (we can connect them via APIs), preferably open source (or free for nonprofit or public use), much like the GVCS tools themselves.  They should also be mature and established, and either have a stable business history (if hosted and proprietary) or significant community support (if open source) to guarantee the tools will be reliable and stick around. 

    This webapp or set of webapps needs to work well *now*, but also allow us to migrate away from later if we need to. Think simplicity via convention and design rather than complexity management. Light weight vs heavy weight. 

    In short, we want a tools that "gets out of our way", so that we can all focus on our work, not manage it.

    If you are an area expert in this field, or have significant experience, please PM or email me.

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