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Wiki Upload Restrictions on File Types
  • Right now on the wiki you are allowed to upload files of type:

    png, gif, jpg, jpeg, ppt, pdf, doc, psd, mp3, xls, swf, doc, odt, odc, odp, odg, mpp, blend, bz2, gz, tbz, tgz.

    It would be nice to add the ability to upload SVG images for blueprint renderings, etc. Also, is there a place to upload CAD files for machine designs, or should these be uploaded to the wiki. If so, then these file types should be added to the allowed list as well.

    -Andrew Buck
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  • Our challenge right now Andrew is in organizing all the information that has already been done so we know where to go from here. I also have been looking into contributing on certain projects but it has proven to be difficult as things stand now. We're working on making this better.

    So which project are you interested in?

    The Dawg
  • I have done a design for the well drilling rig, and modeled as best I could the "as built" versions of the rototiller, the backhoe, and the universal rotor. On the organization front, I am in the process of categorizing all of the images on the wiki (I am about 25% done after ~14 hours) and am trying to get the file upload restrictions changed so CAD drawings and files can be uploaded to the wiki.

    I can work on this full time for the next few months so I am trying to get started as quickly as possible. I plan to finish organizing the rest of the pictures and then start "mining" them for design information by converting them into "replica's" of the models built as prototypes on the farm (at least for all the existing stuff anyway). Once I have those rough models I make a 2d sketch like you see for the rototiller and upload it to the site so the people on the farm can add dimensions to all the pieces and then scan that back onto the wiki. Once we have the "as built" dimensions we can discuss as a community what we want to change about the design and if the dimensions are good. If they are it is then a simple matter to adjust the various machine components to the agreed upon dimensions and optionally do this for both english and metric builds of the same machine. Then the finalized 3d models are converted to 2d drawings with dimensions, and CNC and torch table control routines are created to manufacture the next prototype. Obviously for things like the furnace which have not been built yet the process will be a bit different but there are quite a few small machines like the ones I have made CAD stuff for and I plan to do the rest of those ASAP so we can start discussing the designs with the aid of fully fledged 3d models to aid in discussion.

    I have been trying to get a list of high priority items to do CAD drawings for from Marcin but it seems like there is not really a list at the current time. I can make 3d models like the ones for the rototiller for anything I can find an image of (the rototiller all comes from the video on the development page). If there is anything anyone wants a model of, post a picture or sketch to the wiki and I can knock up a rough model in a few hours.
  • nice work on the pictures andrew. ive seen all the updates on the recent changes page. thats going to be really handy in the future.
  • Yeah its been quite a task so far. Once I get all the pictures sorted by type I plan to go through them again and categorize them in a separate tree by subject matter. That way you can calculate the intersection and difference of various categories and produce pretty useful lists of media content and pages.
  • Thanks Andrew, great job.

    The Dawg
  • Hi Andrew, thanks for your great job!

    As for the upload restrictions, I don't know why I forgot about these file types...
    Anyways, I've just added svg and dxf to the allowed list.
  • Thanks Elifarley.

    We will probably want to add quite a few other CAD formats to the upload list as well.  We are having a discussion about how to standardize CAD interchange and it seems like we might try exporting the same model in parallel to several formats to try to preserve as much info across the import/export process as possible.  Most likely we will be uploading .tgz or .zip files since there will always be 2 or 3 you want to upload at the same time, but it would be nice to upload each of the formats individually.  It would probably make sense to add the 10 or so most common formats (ProE, Solidworks, FreeCad, etc) as that will allow anyone to contribute with the programs they have.  Once they get their models uploaded we can worry about trying to get them into the standard project formats, but I think it is good to be as inclusive as possible.

    Also, please have a look at the page specifically the section at the bottom relating to templates.  If you think this is a good way of doing videos it would be nice to not have the extra : at the beginning of the embed template since it is easy to forget and will likely confuse people.  As far as I know there is no danger in adding another template namespace as people can already do template substitution on any namespace by adding the : to the beginning like I did, or they could just use the existing template namespace for their nefarious deeds.
  • I just uploaded an SVG and it uploaded correctly, however mediawiki automatically converts SVG images to PNG images on-the-fly and serves the PNG images to people in articles, etc (they do this because many browsers suck at displaying SVG images properly).  It looks like it is unable to find one of the converters for the process.  See the SVG image below for the error message.
  • Also it would be nice to be able to upload .dia files for diagrams.  While I was categorizing pictures I found a bunch of photographs of diagrams drawn on a whiteboard.  I plan to convert these into .dia diagrams, export the diagrams as either PNG or SVG, and upload both the original .dia file, and the exported picture for use on the wiki instead of the photographed whiteboard version.
  • Note to self: take a look at the page below to find out how to fix the svg problem:

  • Can you add the DIA file extension to the allowed list, I have one to upload now and another shortly.  The SVG thing is less important as I can still upload them they just won't render properly until that is fixed but that is no big deal.
  • Hi Andrew,

    DIA files are now allowed. What are the file extensions associated with the most common CAD file formats ?

  • There is .stl and .iges and .igs for starters on CAD formats.  It would also be nice to have .g for BRL-CAD files and .fcstd for FreeCad.  I am sure there are lots of other but I don't know right off hand.

    Here is a page of a bunch of them.  Obviously we don't want all of them though.

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