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Introducing myself, Rick Berry aka Wolfrick
  • Vote Up0Vote Down February 2011
    Hello gentlebeings,
    I'm very pleased to be involved with these projects, and look forward to much valuable learning and development with you.
    At present, my "day job" is in the production engineering department of a large corporation which makes glassware. You probably drank from one of our products last time you ate out at a restaurant, if your glass was made of glass.

    I live in eastern Texas on about 15 mostly-wooded acres on a lake. I have a large workshop building and grand plans for making it into a machine shop and lab for my inventions and endeavors.

    I'm a CAD drafter and designer as well as a CNC machinist and programmer. I've been interested in machining and computerized machining for many years. A few years back I quit my job in the IT world and wound up going back to college and getting a couple of degrees so I'd have some actual hands-on experience with the stuff I wanted to do.
    I believe these skills and my other skills and interests make me a good fit for the kinds of teams OSE/FeF are using to solve these problems.

    Right now, I'm working on documenting the Liberator CEB press with 3D models and 2D drawings, as well as exploded diagrams and cut lists and bills of material. I hope to have a good working manual for fabricating the Liberator (in English) soon, and hope you'll all help proofread and criticize it.

    I intend to build my own Liberator as soon as I can, so I can finally move forward towards achieving the house I've been dreaming about for so long. I'm really glad to find a place like OSE so I can learn and grow with other like-minded people.

    ~Rick aka Wolfrick

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