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Limitations of team culturing survey approach; finding it useless
  • Idea: use the information people provide on themselves so allow expertise to be tracked down when needed.

    I am looking for someone in the pile of collaborators who knows some Chemistry for some feedback and opinion on how to proceed with the Nickel iron battery prototype. The team surveys are not searchable by keyword in this way because all the keywords are included in all the surveys. They really should be made such that they are searchable. Is it possible to use some sort of wiki markup to tell the search engine to not include some section of text, which could be used to remove the questions of the surveys

    Also someone who has an account with an academic library so they can access some of these documents on the battery research page. There is a lot of good stuff hidden behind paywalls.
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  • Or if the search engine could be made to support decent boolean searches or regular expressions?
  • Hi Gregor,

    yes, it is hard to search for words which appear also in the questions. This is how MediaWiki works. I searched for an extension or information on the topic, but couldn't find any with solutions. Regular expression are not supported and boolean searches are possible, but the extension is still experimental.

    I still cannot find how to search in all pages belonging to a specific category. Any ideas?

  • Re: specific categories: I though that's what the special page Category:X Where X is th category you want is for. Maybe give it a test to verify that it includes all results in a category?
  • A skills section that we can quickly search would a highly desirable thing. Any chance we could get the backend data as a google spreadsheet or somesuch that we can mash it up with other tools so we can manipulate this information?

  • Can we just make subcategories for the pages? So it comes to TCS: Comp guys, TCS: Education guys, TCS: Machinist guys, etc.
  • the original idea was to use civicrm to find what gregor needs. but first we need to copy data from team culturing surveys to civicrm, and then configure it to allow searching. But certain fields such as email and phone number should not be visible to anonymous users. Any volunteers with civicrm experience?

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