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Initial thoughts from a new contributor.
  • I've been looking around OSE sites for a few days, and I have been contributing to the code on GitHub. Here are some insights from a new user:

    On the page, you are using an iframe that embeds

    This breaks down as you soon as a user clicks the 'forum' link, because the forum is still loaded within the iframe and looks terrible without a white background.

    I propose that we put a permanent redirect on that points to, until the domain expires.
    This can be done so that redirects to
    I am a new user of this site, and I was confused with content hosted on 2 different sites. It's also a big factor in SEO.

    The navigation bar at the left of also needs a big link to the forums, probably placed under the "wiki" link.

    I also noticed a project on openpario here:
    Does that need to be linked to publicly, or is it only really for core ose team members?

    I struggled find an index of build instructions for the open source marchines. This needs to be a priority, considering that it is the foundation of your organization.

    On the page, the The GVCS 50 is listed with a 3d printer and 3d scanner at the top of the list. These are exciting technologies, but they're not going to excite investors or help a subsistence farm in Africa.
    I understand that it is currently alphabetically ordered, but I think the list needs be reorganized to put the most vital machines at the top, such as the CEB Press, Cement Mixer, Microtractor and Tractor. Each machine needs to link to their build instructions, parts lists, CAD designs, etc.

    That's about it. I am willing to help implement these suggestions, I just need the permissions.
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  • is also a bit hard to navigate. Some shortcut links at the top or grouped sections would help.

  • Welcome Nathan. I agree. I personally think everything should be on ONE system. One well designed website if possible. But then there would be a huge challenge trying to collect all the tid bits from everywhere. Your suggestions would be a great start.

    I also think the current situation is stalling our progress quite a bit. I have sent out countless emails to talented friends and coworkers to have them come back and say they could not even get started.

    We'll get it organized in good time.

    My advise would be to join up by filling out the questionaire that I think is on the main Wiki page. There should be a join page. Tell us who you are and what your skills are.

    I would say after that, just document the changes you've made as you go and have at it.

    If someone has issue they can change it back later.

    The Dawg
  • Hi Nathan, I appreciate and share much of your thinking here.

    To address the need for each machine to be linked to build instructions...

    We have only prototyped 8 machines thus far, and the documentation of these builds is not yet perfect. Marcin and I created a template which will be our publishing standard for building an instructional library.

    This template should be setup by wiki contributors and existing content that fits within it can begin to be sorted into it.

    Much of the content that the template demands has not yet even been created at FeF. A major need on the ground there is for a full time dedicated documentarian who can create the content and post it to the wiki.

    I disagree that we should not sort the machines alphabetically. Navigability is the goal here, which would be compromised by and invented taxonomy, in my opinion.

  • @Dawg YES. Everything should be integrated into one site, and opened up to anonymous participation as much as is possible to encourage that first step to be as effortless as is possible to really get people engaged and interested in the subject.

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