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CEB press controller source code
  • I've found some source code for the CEB press controller at

    We should organize that and put it under source control:
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  • I've started on this. I moved code from the wiki into the github repo, and put notices on some of the wiki pages. I've created a v5.15.10 tag.

    Older versions are stored in an 'archive' directory. Not sure if this is necessary (kind of defeats the purpose of source control..).

    Are there any other older versions of code that could be added to the archive?

    What should I do to clean up the wiki? I think the following pages need to be aggregated somehow:

  • Are there any other software projects underway? If so, could you point me to the correct page. I have been unable to find information on software development.
  • im not aware of any :/

    what kind of stuff are you interested in?
  • If you are looking for something to work on we are discussing what kind of CAD software to use and FreeCad would be a good candidate but is missing some useful features that would be easy to implement. The project is being actively developed by at least one person so you wouldn't be working alone. I haven't talked to the lead developer yet about working with OSE but I think he would be supportive of our project, especially if you were going to help implement some of the features.

    There will be a lot of machines that will need some level of computer control/automation though so if you pick through the machine list I am sure you could find some that could have useful automated systems you could add. One thing that springs to mind might be automatic control devices for the lathe or the multimachine that could automatically turn a shaft down to some dimeter along its length, then bevel the end, etc. This would allow you to 'set it and forget it' like you do with the torch table for simpler machining jobs.
  • Sorry, was expecting to get emails on follow-ups. I'm pretty good with various microcontrollers and could help out there, but mainly would like to get a feel for what kinds of stuff is underway / planned and who the programmers are that are in the group.

    Thanks Andrew for the info. I've read about the FreeCad features under development, but never considered helping there. I'll have a gander at the code and desired feature list and see if I could be of any use. 

    I figure that having the machines automated would make life easier, but I've not done much with the custom languages they usually have for machine shop type machines. I believe it is usually some custom scripting language. Thanks for the ideas you listed. I'll try to brainstorm some more and see if I come up with anything concrete. 
  • All signed up for email notification now ;-) 
  • Also, in the intervening time since I last posted I found some other tools that seem to need code.  The torch table and other such device need a stepper motor controller which will need logic to drive it.  One suggestion was the arduino board.  Also the 3D scanner is a very computer intensive object and will likely need a lot of code work, both in the device and on the PC side.  Also there are several designs for sawmills floating around, that could also probably use arduino or similar code to control it (I would assume that is very much like the CEB press as far as control).

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