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University Construction Set
  • I really like the idea of creating a University Construction Set, which was proposed in the blog post: "Call for Curriculum Developers: University Construction Set" (

    Such a package could combine the tools of the Global Village Construction Set with open source educational resources, templates for university campus designs, as well as open business/organizational models.

    Some examples of open source educational resources can be found at the following links:

    - Wikipedia:
    - Wikiversity:
    - Wikibooks:
    - WikiEducator:
    - Open Education Resources Wiki:
    - Open Education Resources Commons:
    - Connexions:
    - MIT Open Course Ware:
    - Curriki - K-12 Open Curricula Community:
    - Open-Of-Course:
    - Open Learning Initiative:
    - Open Text Book:
    - Project Gutenberg:

    Another important contribution to the University Construction Kit would be the OSE 2-year training program in which students would learn how to build an entire Global Village Construction Set. The design of this program should be an important focus of this Education Forum so that we can achieve the goal of having an accredited degree program based on learning to build the GVCS and have this program begin as soon as the GVCS is completed (hopefully by the end of 2012).

    There is lots of work to be done here, but I think that the development of a University Construction Kit could help proliferate high-quality, world-class education institutions around the world, especially in the developing world where there will be a huge growing demand for institutions of higher learning.

    Its a new age, demanding a new kind of education and new kinds of schools/universities. Let's help create the tools for open education geared for life in the 21st century.

    Thanks to all who contribute to this work,

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  • SIGN ME UP!  I'm in a build situation but I need HELP!

    This is my goal, calling, passion what have you to teach the tools necessary for individuals to learn everything they need to learn to become citizens in an open source world.

    I'm still learning too!

    Would love to help begin this in a community in North Texas!
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    December 2013
    Of course I like the open source learning content as well. However, it might not really belong on this web site, does it?

    However I have another idea. Why not understand the term "university-construction-set" literally?
    AFAIK the fees to study and live on a university campus in the US can be prohibitively expensive. (another artificial scarcity?)
    Why don't students build their own campus in OSE style using CEB-press etc.? This way at least living on the campus could become more affordable. This could also include large lecture halls out of glued laminated timber made by the dimensional saw mill.
    But probably also this idea does not belong in this site.

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