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Does OSE have a geographic "center"?
  • I've been poking around the forums and have seen folks from all over the place--literally worlds apart. Is there a "hub" or "center" where a larger gathering has taken place? For example, if I wanted to move to a place where OSE has taken hold and it would be easy to pay my neighbors for producing and selling open farm tech equipment, where would I go?
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  • maysville, mo is the ose capitol of the world at the moment :P
  • Ah, very cool! I'm in Chicago. That's a lot closer than I thought it might be. Supposing I can get a long weekend away some time, would it make any sense for me and my wife to head over there and see and experience the amazing things you are doing? I assume hotels are few and far between?
  • heres like the official visiting info

    i think cameron, mo would be the closest hotels, 15 miles

    it'd be a fun little weekend trip
  • there also a conservation area near by that ive seen on the map. i think they have camping if you're into that.

    i suppose that you could camp at the farm too though haha
  • I'm thinking we are at the point we can start forming "regional groups", "chapters", whatever you want to call them. These would be people close enough physically to start working together on projects, and eventually nucleate villages. I'm in the USA southeast, between Atlanta and Birmingham, AL. So anyone nearby can contact me at danielravennest (at) gmail (dot) com.
  • @Daniel, I agree. I'll take Ohio. ARGHaynes (at) gmail (point) com
  • I have started building a network of like minded people here near Vancouver British Columbia. Anyone local feel free to contact me dawgenca (at) shaw (dot) ca.


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