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Fun Resources to Expand Thought
  • Here are some great resources from TED Talks.
    Dave Meslin- Antidote to Apathy
    David Christian- Big History
    Ken Robinson- Changing Education Paradigms
    Eric Whitacre- A Virtual Choir 2,000 Voices Strong
    Yochai Benkler- Open Source Economics
    Cameron Sinclair- Open Source Architecture
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  • About an hour after I wrote this, I realized that merely posting the videos was not of much use and that I should have explained why I felt each was a significant resource. I will do that now.

    Dave's talk discusses the idea that the primary obstacle to action is not apathy, but elements of human systems that interfere with information acquisition and response.

    David asserts that the capacity to store and transmit information is an evolutionary leap from being a mere animal.

    Ken talks about how modern educational systems were designed for an industrial age, as we are moving beyond that, we need to reconsider education.

    Eric provides a practical demonstration of the power of social networking when it is combined with action. Moreover, his project shows that a multitude of small contributions can create something rather significant.

    Yochai, who also wrote an interesting book (The Wealth of Networks), gives an introduction to the Open Source Economy.

    Cameron illustrates a physical application of Open-Source blueprinting.

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