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Introducing Garth Kindred
  • Vote Up0Vote Down February 2011
    Greetings from the land of Oz!

    I am 28 with a partner who's 24 and we share a passion. That passion is to set ourselves up to live completely off the grid before starting a family.
    We have plans to buy many acres of land in rural Australia where we can build a small family and friends community.

    I have already established AquaPonic technology in a working sense and plan to expand on it further.

    Then I came across building homes with Earth Bags... My did that get me excited! Then further research and digging, I came across the CEB Press that OSE are offering.
    The excitement builds evermore and now I can't wait to when I can apply these principles.

    Since discovering OSE, my mind has been racing faster than it has for quite some time. I have already designed a new brick that can be designed to fit the CEB Press and as of last night, I thought of a really easy way of making wood framed fly screen windows.

    Outside of what I have learned in regards to what OSE has to offer or the AP for that matter.
    I have another passion that I was working on before discovering AP, and that was CNC machines.
    CNCZone, WoodworkForums have been a great resource for me during that learning period.
    I have parts for and plans to build a 4' x 6' CNC machine that will be able to work with hard woods and soft metals.
    At some point I will be upgrading the CNC so that it can work with steel.

    I've also learned how to make a simple forge that will allow me to melt and cast steel into sand molds.
    Also, I have learned how to make distillation setups for making alcohol and ethanol.
    Hydrogen generators for use of cooking, heating and welding/cutting.

    I have even personally designed an electric generator that removes all limitations of friction in the electricity creation process. This generator can be applied to Wind and Hydro applications.

    When it comes to complete self sufficiency, I have taught myself as much as I possibly can and up until yesterday, I knew nothing of OSE or the work that you are doing and I found myself profoundly moved to try and help where I can. 
    I am all about the sharing of knowledge and ensuring that the powers that be lose what control they have over us by these means.

    I am sure there is more that I can say but I think I will leave it there for now.
    I will be here for a long while and I will help where I can!

    Oh, I have also created a website for keeping track of my projects, you can visit it below;
    Any work that I do, I will post about and when ever I design something, I will post the plans and instructions so that others can replicate.

    Thank you all for staying with me this far :)

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