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Anyone have SketchUp Pro?
  • I need a favor from someone with Google SketchUp Pro.
    I have a Sketchup model, but I need it converted into another 3D format.
    If you could convert the attached file to DXF, STL, IGES, or even 3DS for me, I'd really appreciate it.
    The file is zipped.
    Attachments 475K
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  • i thought about going pro... its alot tho
  • I used 3ds Max 2010 to convert it, I can't tell you if it's correct or not, but it's in DXF format at least.
    SAW.DXF 5M
  • Daniel,
    Thanks a million! The .dxf looked good at first, but it came through as only a 2D sketch of the isometric view of the saw solid.
    Could you convert it to an STL file or another 3D format like IGES or even 3DS?
  • obj dae and stl don't think the color or labeling was included though. from skp to dae -meshlab- to stl , obj
    Attachments 5M
  • Dang it! So close and yet so far.
    Jiff, I can open the STL file, but SolidWorks won't see it as anything but "graphics" so I can't edit it.
    Could you convert to a .3DS, STEP, IGES, or a 3D .DXF?
    This file conversion stuff is a pain! But I appreciate all the help.
  • An STL file is a triangulated mesh. It's just the skin of the object. It's not designed to be edited very easily. Few programs can do much to them at all. They are used in 3D printing a lot.

  • I was not aware of what the intended use for the file. I would have not bothered with stl which I was aware was for printers. B-)
    saw (2).zip 2M
    I was looking at the options for opening files in SW, and got confused between STL and STEP.
    With the .3ds file from Jiff, I was able to insert the .3ds data into an AutoCAD drawing, then SolidWorks was then able to import the 3D dwg file (after much processing and churning).
    What a pain in the butt, but at least it worked!
    Thanks so much for all the help everybody! I owe you, so let me know if I can help.
  • I agree, 3D file conversion in general is a pain in the butt. When I export to another program, I usually have to massage the file just right to get the conversion to work. Glad you found a way to get it done for this case.
  • @Wolfrick - Can you make think of some open source workaround for this procedure so OSE won't have to rely on someone with a professional licensed product?

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