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  • Hi,
    I would like to propose another tool that I think of as being very important for building up a good running civilisation. The washing machine. Just imagine how much time it frees up for the people. Just imagine how much that freed up time would help people in their daily lives.
    I can recommend, it clearly shows the importance of a washing machine for the quality of live.

    I know, we should first get the 50 machines done... but maybe we can already start thinking of the 50+ set.

    Comments, suggestions?
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  • The "SENEA" project web site references some bike powered washing machine.

    I want to build a CEB press like there's so i can play with a few bricks from soil in my area.
  • tulsa!
  • i found that they are quite nice, if you email them asking for the projects they will give you a nice .pdf

    all they want is your Country/State to know the locations there equipment is generally located.
  • I have used a hand brick press with some success but refined the mixture using shredded paper, sand and cement (Papercrete) to get a fire and waterproof brick that you can screw a Lagbolt into it that needs to be unscrewed because you cannot pull it out of the brick. With this mixture as the mortar, using finer shredded paper, and a brick that is not completely cured, I found the wall built with these bricks becomes almost monolithic. If holes are put into the bricks and lined up during construction, recycled pipe, bamboo, re-bar etc. can be inserted into the wall to make the wall more rigid and durable. If the brick mold is altered slightly so the top and bottom are are crowned the bricks become self stacking or aligning. These are some minor changes that could make the the CEB process a little more efficient. I am attaching a pdf of such a brick that is essentially 4x8x16 inches in size with the holes placed to line up vertically.
    brick.png 40K
  • This has already been discussed. See here: and

    >> if you email them asking for the projects they will give you a nice .pdf
    Did you get plans for a washing machine this way?
  • no i wanted there hand ceb press
  • @jerry: I'd like to know more about your papercrete brick but could not open the attachment brick.png--maybe because I am on a Mac?

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