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New OSE Main Web Site
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    February 2014
    The new OSE main web site has reappeared today. It looks nice and tidy. Congratulations.
    3 things jumped to my attention:

    1.) Under the menu "GVCS" / "Machine Index" in the list of GVCS50 the microhouse has appeared and the drill press has disappeared. Is a house a machine? Are no holes to be drilled anymore? Would you not expect some explanation for this change? Or is it just a mishap? Or do we have a GVCS51 now?

    2.) There is still no link or menu item pointing to this forum...

    3.) Crowd funding is mentioned but crowd development is not. All mentioned development opportunities happen either under direct OSE control or indirect control. Crowd development like in open source software is not mentioned. Is it not welcome?

    What jumped to your attention?


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