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Community in North Texas, Need core virtual and live team!


    Entrepreneurial thinkers

    Veracious readers

    Capable of working in tough environments

    Goal oriented

    Team players

    Ability to see big pictures and have long-term vision!

    If these terms describe you, then you might be a great fit!

    We are building 1 of 3 duplicatable homes as part of a stagnant community in North Texas.  Community has been in existence for over 30 years, but has stalled in growth....currently housing 10 families, ROOM FOR EXPANSION!

    Working tools needed to increase way of life for aging current citizens, and build a future.

    Over 200 cars of protected national historic land in center of community.

    Completely OFF GRID!!

    Summers hot and humid...Winters can be cold and see freezing rain a day after 65F weather.

    Need a team to recreate a sustainable community within this tough environment with plans to advance an open-source community specifically in the field of education.

    Our long-term goal is to build and launch deep space missions, with equipment capable of being taken to another planet for robotic construction of a global civilization in order to prepare for oncoming future inhabitants.

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    December 2013
    hello Justin,
    I like your plan to (re-)build a open source community on 200 acres of land in north texas. However the last paragraph about planning to launch deep space missions in preparation of settling on other planets surprised me. Not in itself but in the context of a 200 acre community. Are you serious about that? Would you please enlighten us how you plan to achieve that using only the resources of a 200 acre community?

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