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What about leadership?
  • In a global village of this open-source thinking what role does leadership and personal development play?

    In order for a team of people to build the tools etc it takes a village...which takes a leader to connect and unite them toward the common vision.

    How could a solo artist perform OSE as a means of showing what is possible?   There is only so much one individual can be competent enough at to redevelop everything in OSE.

    Just picking up some of the parts requires at least 2 people...which requires the ability to influence and according to John Maxwell leadership is influence nothing more, nothing less.

    I am proposing we teach a leadership class that focuses on the how to work within an open-source environment....

    Trouble is I'm a noob...I've never been a part of a virtual community, but this one I can get behind and see value in, because it speaks to my vision of the world.....

    Open source is about using the technology that is available to solve problems real time for people in other places/times....cataloguing and making learning easier.

    Frankly sometimes reading a 50 page diatribe from every person in a discussion is not the most efficient way to learn...there has to be a hands on approach at some point.

    I have several solution's that I have come up with, without input from those of you knowledgeable about open source, and building as a team in this environment....are there minimum requirements for a person to know in order to do this?  Does he/she need a certain proficiency in any particular field or is it open to anyone of any level with proper training?

    How do we draw in the "average" user to want to participate?  Either in direct or indirect support?

    Who sells our technology to the masses?  Are they an effective communicator is that their specialty or do they sound like an engineer when they talk?  Can they connect with people?

    What are you're thoughts?
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    December 2013
    John Maxwell is a theologist. OSE does not need theology or a strong leader. A OSE community does need a democratic constitution and a commited community to progres by it. If there is a common vision and a constitution then it does not need a strong and powerful leader. But democracy is essential and official offices should be assigned by elections. Also decisions should be taken by voting. OSE has yet to develop in this respect. (check also the open source debian linux community which has democratic rules) Strong leaders always tend to want to keep and expand their power until they are corrupted by egomania and often can only be removed by violence or collapse of their movement. Civilization has passed that. In a democracy, where the people do not only elect representatives for limited time (as in republic democracies) but also directly decide on important questions by voting (as in direct democracies), strong leaders cannot accumulate inappropriate power and are not needed in the first place. All they can and should do is to encourage and influence the political discussion. But the power remains in the hands of the people. To keep it that way the power of a democratic government should be split into 4 independent areas.
    A) the legislative (parliaments creating laws, subject to approval by the people, members subject to election),
    B) the executive (executing the laws and conducting the state businesses issuing and managing currency, subject to election by people or legislative),
    C) the judiciary (courts and judges deciding what is or is not violating the laws, subject to election by people or legislative),
    D) free (e.g. source protection) and independent media to inform the voting people (also on government corruption) so they can perform educated voting and election.

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