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Bakery Oven: what size is most useful?
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    November 2013
    Sure some possibility to bake bread being a basic food in western civilization is needed. Having seen the picture of the bakery oven in the GVCS I was asking myself whether the size shown in the picture really is the size needed in the OSE context.

    The size shown is about what a professional baker is using to supply about 1000 to 2000 people with bread. If you think such a big bakery oven is needed what about the dough kneading machine and the flour mill? In any case this seems oversized for a OSE-village of 200. And moreover, where I live the farmers grow their own grain and bake their own bread. However, the farmers send their grain to a regional flour mill. Bakery shops only became necessary after industrial workers, craftsmen and clerks came to live in the villages who would not bake their own bread. To me it would seem more useful to have household appliances in the farm houses like a small flour mill, oven, stove, fridge, deep freezer, dish washer, cloth washing machine etc. A village of farms does not need a bakery shop or a butcher shop. This is done on the farms.

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