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energy storage- pressurized air
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    August 2013
    ok so i was thinking about energy storage systems for the powercube and OSE car.
    Gas cars are so common because it is so transportable, who would want to take a load of wood to keep a steam engine running, or the added weight of a battery bank in a standard car.

    Thinking about it, what about using pressurized air as a medium?
    Using air or steam or any sort of renewable energy system to power a compressor, giving the ability to move the air around (like petrol in a fuel tank) and use it when its necessary in an engine
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    October 2013
    hi spike
    for stationary applications I fully agree with your idea to use pressurized air as energy storage. It is simple (steel tanks), cheap, environmental friendly (as opposed to many chemicals in batteries) , the efficiency is not thrilling due to the lost compression heat but not so bad either.

    For mobile applications I think that pressure proof tanks either are heavy (steel) or expensive (fibre composite) and that they are an explosion waiting to happen. specially in traffic accidents and in fires.

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