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A poor man's land yacht - and alternative housing.
  • Hi, Im Arash.
    With the doubling and crashing housing markets, we'll spend 20-60 years working to own a box on the land all the while compromising our health, family ties, and precious time. The rat race.

    Dreaming up concepts to avoid this, here Ive combined a CNC machined, ply-wood cut out house and a used RV to make a continuous space, which I think can be marketed for under $30,000.
    $15,000 for a good used RV

    $  2000 trailer base
    $  1500 plywood house [(CNC cutting not included) Wikihouse]
    $    ??? Door and window
    $    ??? cast iron stove  (heating)

    $  5000 for the fiberglass shell (production making molds not included)

    $  ??? for the joining shuttle port inbetween

    Old design

    My large homemade CNC machine with links to details of the yacht setup.

    Hopefully moderators can move this thread to the right section if its better suited somewhere else.
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  • Hi Arashi,

    I am new here but I have recently read most of what is to read of this project. And I believe I understood that the rules of the game are to spend less time for self-supplying while KEEPING the modern standard of living. If somebody has lived in a normal apartment moving into a used RV or trailer probably would mean lowering the standard of living. I understood that one important point of this project is to live more ecologically without having to wear rags and sleeping in holes, huts and caves. (although this goal has not yet been fully reached on FeF as described here)
    In this post I have made a list of the comforts that are part of today's modern life style which most people would be reluctant to give up. And if OSE should attract lots of people in order to become a social movement then the adoption of the OSE life style should not be made too unattractive. Not everybody would like to be a Robin Crusoe....
  • Hi Roli
    This being my second post, I basically just joined and am just getting better familiar with this movement.

    The open source idea is a great gift to man kind and a plot of farm land is what ever generation of families should have to supplement their food... but the way I see it, people cant really afford land to start up or jump into such an unconventional (in these days) investment because of its uncertainties... I also dont think people will be willing to share space in the long term with others as easy unless they are related in a family.
    Perhaps good friends with mutual interest can farm together and respect each others space but with many, the television culture is so strong that a group of friends to do this will be rare.
    The media drives people, no matter what class, to try to be better then their neighbour... to amass materials and afford the newest things to keep or better a "status". 

    I think my half house, half RV connect space will be a good alternative for people who seek to be free from the constraints of the system but at the same time challenging to find steady or comfortable grounds to station.

    It would great if people could purchase land together and setup a kind of RV park (in tree surrounded, privacy setups), but I still fear, dont really know, that regulations (limited people), taxes (expensive), and utility hookups (water & electricity, sewage waste would be fertilized) will make this difficult to achieve.

    I think it would be great if people would want to team up and sell these setups to not only help people, but also make profits to expand this ideology.

    Thanks for the link to your post of what people will be reluctant to give up... I'll be reading it in these next few days.

    Links related to this kind of life style

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    Codes and the Tiny House
    Workshop follow up codes and tiny houses

    How to find parking and a place to call home


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