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What prerequisite to get started building?
  • I'm a computer science and electronic engineering major. Apart from that, I've only ever hammered some nails and put together furniture bought from stores. My question is what kind of education do I need to get started? Can I get a recommended list of what kind of skill to pick up in my journey? I've researched a good deal of what is offered at my university and books that might apply to this.

    This is what I've gathered so far:

    • Intro to Blueprint Reading
    • Applied Blueprint Reading
    • Beginning Welding (OAW, OFC-A, SMAW, flat and horizontal positions on various joint details ... meet American Welding Society qualification standard)
    • Intermediate Welding (SMAW, GMAW, PAC, CAC-A)
    • Pipe and Tube Welding
    • Pipe Fitting and Cutting
    • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
    • Irrigation System Design
    • Engineering Graphics I & II (Computer-based engineering course that introduces to graphical design and problem solving using freehand sketching and solid modeling application. ANSI and international standards will be introduced and practiced)
    • Print Reading for Construction and Architecture
    • Print Reading for Industry and Manufacturing

    What exactly do I need to be studying and practicing to get started and improve as I go on in the beginning, intermediate, and advance stage? I will take a few introduction courses at my local college but most will be self-taught through books and video off-line and online. Any feedback will be helpful!

    Thank you.
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  • This pdf should help with the basics- you'll get the gist of how to make the majority of modern tech. Just made it today for you. Let me know if it helps at all, and if it does I'll expand on it.

    You'll know you've got the hang of things when you can look at pretty much anything and know how it was made, what design factors were involved, etc. at a decent depth.

    4/23 - I guess not. I had hoped the nice pictures and simple keywords would have shed at least some light on the tech processes but something went awry? No feedback is troubling.
    commonconceptslowres.pdf 928K

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