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Open Tech Forever - Open Hardware Cooperative
  • Hey guys! This is Yoonseo.

    Aaron, Tristan, Johnathan and I have teamed up to start an open source hardware cooperative in Denver, Colorado. We've launched our Indiegogo campaign for building an open source factory and are just starting public reachout- we'd really appreciate your support and help with getting the word out.

    You can check out our campaign right here.

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  • I would like to express my support for your project. It is very important that we have a fork of open source ecology for many reasons.
    A) It will allow to test a new paradigm of Open source hardware development. Different ideas need to be validated or invalidated in practice.
    B) Open Tech Forever will increase the capacity of developing new Hardware. For the GVCS to be build, it will require the cooperation of many people around the world.
    The open source hardware movement needs to accumulate hardware capital, workshops. This should be our first priority.

    Open Source Ecology as part of the same movement will benefit tremendously because it will allow it to focus on the development of a subset of tools. This will allow it to
    create better tools, it will allow it to have a slower pace of work that will help to build a strong community around it that will further accelerate development.

    I urge you to use any social media tools you have to spread the word.
    I also urge Open source ecology to use all its accounts, youtube, twitter, vimeo, etc, to spread the word.
    I would also urge Open Source Ecology to give at least a symbolic sum of money to Open Tech Forever.

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