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English Subtitle help !! (youtube) videos for "Open Source Philosophy" for Multi lingualisation
  • I am wondering if you would upload videos with English subtitle, it is likely to translate into another language. 

    At the moment, I am going to create  Japanese subtitle for "Open Source Philosophy" 

    I would like to make a English one but  my English is not perfect at all. ( I am losing my hearing especially background noise is high .... ) 

    I have managed to prepare for a draft version of English subtitle file. I am wondering if someone make this subtitle file perfect and ask upload to youtube 

    srt file is fairly universal subtitle format, youtube uses sbv formart but accept srt file.

     I myself use the below  windows subtitle application (open source)  

    thanks dandomina  

    I have changed extension from srt to txt

    P.S. if you have a youtube account, please contact me via youtube,  (dandomina)

    Edit, I have uploaded very early version (basically created by youtube machine recognition)
    I have updated revised version now, this is still  far from perfect, but better than youtube one ! 
    I could not delete the first one, so please use revised one. (v 2) 

    Now you understand if native English people create a good quality of English subtitle,
    that will help so much for other subtitling work ;p
    open_source_philosophy revised v2.txt 9K
    open_source_philosophy.txt 9K

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