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Kickstarter funding success
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    November 2011

    Looks like the Kickstarter funding was a success about one hour ago....




    pledged of $40,000 goal

    seconds to go

    Funding Successful

    This project successfully raised its funding goal about 1 hour ago.

    Pledge $8 or more

    593 Backers

    Beta Access. Receive weekly status updates with video blog of
    progress + honorable mention on the Kickstarter Supporters page on our

    Estimated Delivery:
    Dec 2011

    Pledge $32 or more

    121 Backers

    Represent. Get Beta Access + a GVCS sticker + a personal video thank you message from the OSE Founder published on this page.

    Estimated Delivery:
    Dec 2011

    Pledge $48 or more

    84 Backers

    Back It - Back the project on your own back with the first edition of
    the Global Village Construction Set T-shirt, in addition to the
    Represent Package. New reward, added by demand, at the 2-weeks-left

    Estimated Delivery:
    Jan 2012

    Pledge $64 or more

    287 Backers

    Taste the GVCS. Get the Represent package + Punchout Magnet + deluxe
    data DVD of complete resource library for easy replication of the 4
    machines, including instructional videos. The Punchout Magnet is a
    refrigerator magnet made from 3/4” punch-outs from the world's first,
    open source, 150 ton hole puncher - punched with tons of love during CEB
    Press and Tractor fabrication.

    Estimated Delivery:
    Dec 2011

    Pledge $128 or more

    34 Backers

    Visit the GVCS. Taste the GVCS package + admission to Factor e Farm
    for a visit on Visitor's Days to see the action with your own eyes.

    Estimated Delivery:
    Dec 2011

    Pledge $174 or more

    11 Backers

    Use the GVCS. Taste the GVCS package + Visit the GVCS + a solenoid
    controller board for the CEB press, including un-soldered components,
    milled on our own open source CNC Circuit Mill

    Estimated Delivery:
    Jul 2012

    Pledge $256 or more

    21 Backers

    Build Naturally. Admission to a one-day Natural Building workshop at
    Factor e Farm in 2011 + DVD documenting the natural construction with
    CEB, Straw, and Lumber, including modular house and workshop designs
    that can be adapted based on our designs. Includes hands-on experience:
    brick laying with CEBs and square bale insulation; assisting with lumber
    production with the Dimensional Sawmill, and square bale making with
    the Baler.

    Estimated Delivery:
    Jul 2012

    Pledge $512 or more

    12 Backers

    Consult. Build Naturally package + personal consultation regarding
    the Civilization Starter Kit applications with the Founder + reservation
    to a weekend retreat where you can experience the life at Factor e

    Estimated Delivery:
    Jul 2012

    Pledge $1,024 or more

    4 Backers

    Produce. Build Naturally package + an immersion experience of one day
    of personal coaching for you to do brick pressing, lumber production,
    or baling at Factor e Farm. We provide you with technical support, you
    do the actual work, with possibility of taking home the product.

    Estimated Delivery:
    Jul 2012

    Pledge $10,000 or more

    0 Backers

    Housebuild. Produce package + 1 month of access to CEB press,
    tractor, pulverizer, and power units as a 'productive vacation' get-away
    at Factor e Farm. You get a chance to produce the materials to take
    with you.

    Estimated Delivery:
    Jul 2012

    Pledge $10,000 or more

    0 Backers

    Go Deep. Access to user training workshops for any of the 50 GVCS
    machines as they become available + fabrication training workshops +
    other workshops as they are offered at Factor e Farm. This is for
    responsible individuals committed to re-skilling themselves in a deep

    Estimated Delivery:
    Jul 2012

    Project By


    Has not connected their Facebook account.

    Marcin Jakubowski came to the U.S. from Poland as a child.  He
    graduated with honors from Princeton and earned his Ph.D. in fusion
    physics from the University of Wisconsin, before shifting direction and
    starting a hydroponic vegetable farm. He then began his education from
    scratch, and in 2003 he founded Open Source Ecology in order to make
    closed-loop manufacturing a reality. At his research and training
    facility, Factor e Farm in rural Missouri, he is developing the Global
    Village Construction Set and has since become an international leader in
    open source hardware.



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    November 2011
    Odd nothing mentioned in the blog about this. After everyone's work promoting it thru our personal circles of influence...

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