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Regional Coordination
  • I've begun to meet with farmers and land owners within a 3 hour radius of New York City to discuss creating OSE-certified workshops on their land so they can begin building, modifying, improving and documenting OSE tools.  I've secured a spot on my friend's 200 acre 'tree farm' in Greentown, PA, but the land is virgin so there is much to build before we can start making OSE tools.  I've spoken to a number of organic farmers and investors in the area and people are very interested in putting together 'nodes in the OSE network' but there's an obvious lack of people who could run such a facility.

    Are other people actively approaching land owners, farmers and investors about supporting Factor e Farm and putting OSE workshops together in their own communities?  If so, I'd like to begin a conversation, share best practices, collaborate on marketing materials, and document everything in the OSE wiki.  Also, let me know if you live in the NYC area.  We've got land in PA, office space in NYC and a half dozen people who want to build OSE tools and spread the message of abundance through free/libre/opensource development and deployment.
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  • I'm interested in the work you are doing, Devin.  I live just north of Owego, NY (a bit west of Binghamton).  I've also put together some idea for forming local OSE chapters.  Go to [[OSE Local Chapters]] in the wiki.  If you guys decide to have a meet-up out in PA, let me know and I'll see if I can make it.

    - Mark
  • Hi Mark.  We're going to have a bunch of people at FLOFarm this week - the first big gathering of the year.  We're hoping to get a bunch of stuff done - shelter for guests, more cleared paths, water catchment, rudimentary sanitation and an IT plan.  I anticipate a meetup mid July - will keep you posted.

    I looked through your [[OSE Local Chapters]] and will make some additions to that page.
  • Mid-July might work out better, though I'm busy the first, second, and third weekends.

    - Mark

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