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Introduction : Jonathan Minchin
  • Hello OSE!  Greetings to all!

    In conjunction with the Schumacher centre for development and the FabLab in Barcelona I would like to add my energy to the OSE projects in whichever ways possible.  I have participated in architectural and town planning projects in Cuba, Costa Rica, Tunisia, South Africa and London, and recently completed a MSC in International Cooperation in Sustainable and Emergency Architecture. I have making and machine skills with experience in carpentry and welding but my main contribution might be through fabrication, design or CAD work.  As an Artist and Architect; my aims are to learn, contribute, collaborate and to become an advocate of OSE.  I hope to pick up some more engineering skills in particular.

    My feeling is that in many construction or development projects around the globe, a vital element is missing; that of the freedom to fabricate and create through local means and ones own agency. I now focus my attention to the agency of design and through the appropriate implementation of intermediate technologies, I believe OSE to be at the forefront of thinking in these issues.  Thanks to all involved, what amazing innovations! 

    Current Projects:

    1) I would like to introduce some designs for a possible O.S. Hardware Instructional Website, or (MAKE-SPACE).  Similar in a sense to but with recursiveness and patterning for a broader perspective. Eventually this could be established around the GVCS and perhaps help to ease the transmission and evolution of online blueprints and remote collaboration.  HackerSpace could be a collaborator too (programmers needed)

    2) I am also interested in 'Critical Geographies' in conjunction with Life-Cycle-Assessments. 
    Meaning that there can be a variety of tools that are tailored around the GVCS to fit more precisely with regional conditions: eg. (Desalination in Bangladesh) 
    This could also be a future point for collaboration, particularly in conjunction with the Schumacher Centre for Development: Practical Action

    3) Finally I have the opportunity to construct some experimental Adobe shelters at a centre for sustainability here in Spain.  The centre has some traditional Kilns that might be set to work as giant solar ovens.  It would be a wonderful opportunity to experiment with the Compressed Earth Blocks and the Liberator. This can be done in collaboration with FabLab, perhaps constructing the Liberator at their workshop.

    Now to put the energy in and to become a True Fan!!  ;)
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  • Welcome to OSE.
  • Hi Jonny,
    if you have any ideas how OSE can be started in Africa, please read this: and connect with the Frithjof Bergmann as described. It would be great if we document these ideas in the Wiki.

  • Having had a quick look at the posts and videos, there are some groups that spring to mind that work with similar aims to those of OSE.  Including larger established organisations like 'Practical Action' who might be interested in forging lasting collaborations, a South Africa collaboration could bare fruits!

    I will put some feelers out to the South African groups and will contact Frithjof Bergmann and Lucas to see what they have in mind.

    Another aspect to consider:

    I have been working on a social media project formally Make-Space now called Cross-Innovation. It is an online platform for the interchange and adaption of hardware solutions for local scale development.  At a later stage OSE might be interested in the Cross-innovation tool set as a means to popularise the GVCS and to engage with existing local projects. Part of the new work economy


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