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Industrial robot
  • Hello everyone. I hope this is right place to post this information...

    One of the 50 basic machines is an industrial robot. I've just seen open source project of this kind of machine. Here it is:

    Maybe it would be wise to add this to the wiki?
    best regards :)
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  • This is a great place to add that information.
  • I've seen the installation and many other principles are well designed, but there is a need of electronic control system, that's what we could use from the project I added here. Creator of TROBOT works with professional industrial robots and says his cirquit is fully compatible with professional software and can be used with bigger machines. (I'm not sure if I understood it correctly, as you can all see, I'm not a native english speaker, I come from Poland, I hope I'm not giving you misinformation).
  • I emailed this Kickstarter, Mr.Baumgartner on June 7th with this text.

    "Hello, Mr.Baumgartner I'm contacting you to see if you have heard of
    our group Open Source Ecology of Factor E farm.
    Our objective is to create tools to build replicable, open source,
    modern off-grid resilient communities using open source permaculture
    and technology to work together for providing basic needs and self
    replicating the entire operation at the cost of scrap metal.
     After seeing your kickstarter just had to contact you as we are in
    the design faze of our Industrial Robot arm.

    thank you for your attention
    I hope to hear back from you.

    ~ps goodluck on your future endeavors fellow opensourcer.  

    His Responce.

    "No I hadn’t heard of your group, but I do find it very interesting.  I like the work your doing with the Industrial RobotArm as well.  I’ll keep an eye on both of those sites to follow your progress.  Thanks for sharing."

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